CCcam Server Cardsharing .
Fast 6 cline CCcam server , All cccam channels are available no freeze. Including every HD channel! and many more cccam packages...

CCcam HD

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About Us.

We have developed and built one of the most advanced cardsharing networks in the world; primarily intended for the Dreambox, but not limited. Our servers are all capable of hight speeds and all carrying several local cards for a faster; more reliable card sharing service than you could possibly expect.

We offer CCcam cardsharing complete solution with full details and help of how to get it to work. This service is intended primarily for the Dreambox or any other share capable satellite receiver.

Our Card Sharing Servers Our top of the range internet servers all have 32 mbit internet connections so they can handle hundreds of requests a second, then times this by 18 for each individual server!

Our Users We are so confident that our service is the best, we offer a 24 hours money back guaranteed.

At the moment we have hundreds of repeat customers, all happy with our service and this number is constantly growing every day. Buy today and you could be watching your favourite movies, sports or anything within 24 hours of receiving your payment. Simply select the card sharing package which suits your needs below and we will send you all of the information you will need to add the username and password to your dreambox or other satellite receiver within 1 - 5 hours. We give you 6 CLines (25 Servers combined) If you have any problems or questions please click on the contact us link. After placing your order we will happily assist you in making sure everything is working correctly. If for some reason you are not satisfied with our service we offer a full money back guarantee within one week of your purchase. This is how sure we are about providing you with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed service. We send the clines or the cccam.cfg file only to the email we received the payment from. We have developed and built one of the most advanced cardsharing networks in the world, primarily intended for Dreambox, but not limited to. With access to 10 primary Card Sharing Servers located in every major country, all capable of 100 Mb speeds and all carrying several local cards for a faster, more reliable card sharing service than you could possibly expect. We offer CCcam cardsharing complete with full details and help on how to get it to work. If you have a Dreambox or any other share capable satellite receiver then this is the place you've been trying to find! Our cardsharing service ONLY uses local cards so you get the fastest response times possible. If you have tried the rest, now try the best with Local CCcam Sharing Don't get caught by the smaller copies of this service on the net.

Caution: Maybe some package stop working suddenly on Cardsharing, We aren't responsible for that. We do our best to get it work fast as we can.

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What is cardsharing?
Cardsharing is a method Allowing watch satellite television without card in your receiver.

What do I need?
You need a cardsharing-ready receiver and internet connection.

How I know my receiver is cardsharing-ready?
Usually the receiver with LAN port can do cardsharing. The best known are devices Dreambox, Octagon, Clarke-tech, IP-Box and many others. Read the receiver manual


How does it work?
Most channels received from satellites are encrypted. You must buy card from your provider and pay every month. This card can decode channels and you can watch TV. With our service you do not need any card. We will send internet decode data directly to your receiver via.

What is protocol and which type you offer?
Protocol is type of communication between your receiver and our server.

We offer cccam protocol .

How to choose protocol?
You have to check what protocols are supported by your reciever. If you do not know, you can choose CCcam, it is suitable for most devices or read your receiver manual.

Is this service safe?
Yes our service is very safe, we use only secured connections to your receiver, we not ask any personal data from Thurs you, we have SSL certificate, we log your IP address not Thurs. Our service is 100% anonymous.

How fast do I need internet?
You need slow, but stable dsl, cable or 3G internet connection. When you look TV with us you need only. 3MB of data for every day watching. Careful, if you do not have stable connection, picture can stop often when watching TV.

What registration data you need?
For registering you need to choose some "username" (not real name) and password. That is all we need. Even your email address is optional.

How can I pay for this service?
You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, Paypal.

How long is activation of the service?
After you choose the package and make the payment the activation is done instantly. You can start watch your favorite channels in within 1 - 5 hours after registration.

Do you offer free trial account?
Yes, free test lines are available on our web page.

Are Pay-per-view channels available?
YES, available this time in VOD polsat packages.